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Cloth Diapering Acronyms and Terms - I <3 Fluff!

About Cloth Diapering Acronyms and Terms

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AIO: All In One
BM: Breast Milk
Bummies SWW: Bummies Super Whisper Wrap
CD: Cloth Diapering
CPF: Chinese Prefold
FB: Fuzzi Bunz
FFS: Free For Shipping
FMBG: Full Moon Baby Gear
HB: Honey Boy
HH: Happy Heiny's
JB: Joey Bunz
LD: Luke's Drawers
LL: Little Lamb
MOE: Mother of Eden
PPD: Price Plus Delivery
PUL: Polyurethane Laminate
PWP: Patch Work Pixie
SOS: Suzie's One Size
TTO: Tea Tree Oil
WHAM: Work At Home Mom

All In Ones: A style of diaper that is the diaper and cover in one.
Fitteds: A style of diaper that requires a cover. SOS is a style of fitted diaper.
Fluff: Another name used for cloth diapers.
Fluffy Mail: Cloth diaper packages received in the mail.
Longies: Long wool pants that serve as a cover for fitted diapers.
Pocket Diaper: Diapers that require inserts to be "stuffed" inbetween layers of PUL and another fabric.
Prefold: Prefolds are the "old" style diapers. They can be used for inserts in pocket diapers or ever burp rags.
Fuzzi Bunz are a style of pocket diaper.
Snappi: Snappi's are the modern alternative to diaper pins. They are used to secure prefolds.
Soaker: Wool short that normally go over fitted diapers in place of a standard cover.

(Will add more later)
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