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Fluff For Sale
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This community is for all your fluff selling and buying needs! Of course any questions or concerns are always welcome. Hopefully we can compile some helpful information as well. Anyone interested in cloth diapering is welcome to join (yes that includes guys.)!

When posting items for sale make sure you use an lj cut, and please put sizes and types of the items your selling for the lj cut. Ex: (Wool Covers M, Fitteds M, AIOs L). Hopefully this will keep confusion down as to the size and type of the items you are selling.

If you do not want your flist spammed with the items that are for sale you can just make sure you are not monitoring the community. That should keep the posts off your flist.

Of course keep it nice, although I don't think I've ever seen any mama's being rude to CDing newbies out there! =D

Happy selling and buying everyone!

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